If there is one thing I have learned in my almost six (!) years of parenting, it is that nothing lasts forever.  While ,yes, that acknowledges how quickly kids grow up, it more refers to all of these 'phases' that kids go through.  They eventually sleep through the night.  The temper tantrums eventually subside.  The transitions in our lives eventually end letting us finally settle into some kind of new routine...

And then something else happens.

I am a big believer in the whole child development theory of equilibrium and disequilibrium.  Our children's behavior very clearly ebbs and flows.  Sometimes in that predicted 6 month pattern, but also clearly related to change and stress.  Both of my kids are very...  perceptive.  Sensitive and observant and reactive.

Why am I rambling about Child Development?  Because E right now is definitely struggling, in a state of disequilibrium.  Clingy, awaking at night, combative, and cranky.  And therefore, I am in a state of disequilibrium.  Just as tired.  Just as cranky.  And seeking balance in my own way.

So while E finds her calm in reading with us and playing quietly in her room, I am spending as much time in my studio as I can.  Sewing in preparation for Art Star, preparing to build up my etsy shop (we just need some sunshine around here for pictures!), and waiting anxiously for Spring.

And just as I know that the snow will eventually melt, I also know that things will calm down around here again.  Hopefully soon!

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