Camping in the White Mountains

We have camped with our kids since they were babies.  Sometimes easily, sometimes counting the hours until daylight when we can pack the car back up and head home because she just. won't. sleep...

While we did lots of backpacking before we had kids, we had only done car-camping with them until this summer.  We found great State Parks and learned to be particular about sites - the outer ring, along a river always being quietest and best.  And we waited.  Until they were old enough to hike in, carrying their own (light) pack.

We decided they were ready this summer, having just turned 5 and 7 this spring.

When I was in elementary school, living in Minneapolis, my Dad decided that we were ready to learn how to ski.  There were lots of small places for skiing in Minnesota but he believed that for us to really learn how to ski, we had to go to Vermont.  Two parents, a grandmother, and five kids (the youngest still an infant) in a large Dodge van driving half way across the country to learn how to ski.  I've always kind of laughed at that, but now I understand.

For us, to take them backpacking for the first time, we had to take them to the White Mountains.

After much deliberation and research, we decided to spend the first and third of three nights at a campground and the second at an AMC Hut up on the Appalachian Trail.  These pictures are from the campground (where we camped right next to the Pemigewasset River).  It was beautiful.  We could have stayed there for a week and easily filled our days.

The hike up into the mountains and onto the AT was even more amazing.  Next post!

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