Shop Update and Weekend ReCap

Is it really Thursday already?  Which really feels like Friday since we are going into a four day weekend?  I swear it was just Sunday...

So I did the Highland's show last weekend.  It was fun.  And a bit different.  It was a show where you had to pay admission (a fundraiser for the historical gardens) and the bulk of the exhibitors do this full time, travelling the circuit of higher end shows.  I have to admit that at the end of the weekend (technically 3 days with set up Friday morning and a preview party/opening that night), packing up, I felt a bit like a Carny.

And then all the sudden the weekend was gone and it was Monday.  And then we said good-bye to The Dad as he set off for conference #1.  And tonight we welcome him home.  And tomorrow is Friday!!

While the week has flown by, the skies today cooperated and time stopped for a moment. I found this perfect spot of sun on the side of the house with a picnic bench conveniently placed right in front to stand the mannequin on, and I grabbed some new dresses and my camera and snapped and snapped.

And then, with still some more time before I had to pick up the boy at school, I actually sat down at the computer and got them posted in the shop.  Five of them.  I think I may be on a roll.  Now if the weather could cooperate tomorrow, too, so I could get the bibs shot and then the Treasure Totes, and then the SnackMats (formerly the Lunchbox Napkins)...  Whew, I'm tired again already.

Happy Long Weekend!

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