Wrapping Sticks

 I don't very often see something on the computer and go rushing to try it, but a couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon this post at Ohdeedoh, which led me to this original post, which led me to my studio.
I grabbed a bunch of embroidery thread, tempted the kids with "Wanna do a project outside?" and headed out.  They searched for sticks, I tied the knots, and they wrapped away.
E made some of hers into magic wands with tassels on the ends.  O got all into overlapping colors.  And I think I enjoyed wrapping my own as much as they did.
 (Ignore the brown, sun-scorched grass!)
Really, embroidery floss (or yarn), sticks from the yard, some sunshine, and a good hour of summer vacation occupation. Love it. 

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