On Vacation

As you may have noticed by the silence around here, summer vacation is in full swing.  While we actually took a short away-from-home-vacation recently, most of our vacation days take place right here at home.

Most days consist of some combination of a visit to the pool, popsicles, some bickering/whining/or crying, reading books, playing outside, and making up some new pretend game.  The kids have gotten into a bit of a groove, but I have to admit there seems to be a lot less time for me to get anything done.  I am enjoying this time, though, and while I would love a little more 'me time' in my days, I'm okay about not getting into the studio or posting here on the blog.  Amazingly, I'm actually getting more cleaning done, too!  Our computer and my studio are up on the 3rd floor which is pretty much off limits to the kids during the day (it's where The Dad works from home).  Since the kids aren't up here, I'm rarely up here now, too.  Some of my time downstairs while they play has been delightfully occupied by some good reading I haven't done in a while.  Magazines, books...  It's been really nice.

This week the kids are at camp.  Between drop off and pick up for O's half day camp and E's full day camp I have about two hours to myself and 2 hours with O.  The little recharge for me has been great and the kids are loving their camps - Pirate Camp for him and Farm Camp for her...  Just right for mid-summer.

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