A Visit to the Cockpit

Did you know that they're letting kids up in the cockpit again?  After boarding our flight home from Minneapolis on Monday, there was a bit of a delay while we waited for a couple connecting passengers who were running late because of all of the snow.  E asked the flight attendant of they could see the cockpit...  and she said "Of course!  They've been waiting for you!"

So, without parents (were were only in row five with a great aisle view), the two kids tromped in and made themselves comfortable.  That is E in the co-pilot's seat and her stuffed "Poly" on the steering wheel.  At one point we overheard them telling O "Oh no!  Now we're flying upside down!"  Evidently, they let him pull some lever.

I still remember my first flight, at the age of 6, when my brother and I also got to go up and visit.  That day, they gave us wings (pins) and playing cards with the airlines logo (I think it was American).

So the kids' visit to the cockpit, plus the peanuts (!!) and cookies passed out with drinks, really made it feel like old times.

So. much. fun.

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