A New Batch of Dresses - And a Plug for the Crafty Planet

It's funny, I went to label this post 'Finally Back in the Studio' and realized it had already been used on this post.  Evidently, these long breaks from the studio and fervent return happen on a somewhat regular basis around here.

After four months of quiet, I am finally starting a new batch of dresses.

What better way to start than with sock monkeys?  This sock monkey fabric actually holds some special meaning for me.  While my Mom taught me to sew when I was a kid and I made curtains for E's nursery before she was born, I attribute my real sewing beginning to a little place in Minneapolis called the Crafty Planet.

Somehow, I got it in my head that I was going to sew little clutch blankets for a craft show way-back-when.  I think it was even before O was born.  And somehow I stumbled on this sock monkey fabric, the whole funky monkey line of it (which was much more minimal back then).  I searched for a brick and mortar store where I could buy it locally and found the Crafty Planet.

I was smitten.  The best fabric store I have been in.  Ever.  It's not that they have a huge selection.  Or fabulous prices.  But what they do have?  It is exactly what I am looking for.  Always.  And the spirit of the store?  It is right on.

So I took a quilting class.  And an applique class.  And an embroidery class.  And two years after moving I still miss it dearly.  Every time I want to go fabric shopping.  Or I see a cool print on line and think "Oh how I wish I could see it in person.  Touch it.  See what would go with it."

So if you're in the Twin Cities area, and you haven't experienced the shop, I highly recommend it.  We're heading back there (for the first time in two years!) next weekend and a little fabric shopping spree is on my short list.  While The Dad takes the kids somewhere else for a little bit.  What's the luggage weight limit these days on airplanes??

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