Face Paint

E loves getting her face painted. It just goes along with constantly trying on new characters and personas. One more way to dress up. It never stays on for very long, her skin is sensitive and it usually starts to itch after it dries. But she loves the process. And the initial effect.

We went to a little family field day yesterday and someone brought along face paints. Knowing exactly what she wanted, E gave the painter detailed instructions. She wanted a mermaid on her face - not a little mermaid on her cheek, but a painted face to make her look like a mermaid. A blue crown like the ocean, pink round cheeks with stars, red hair like Ariel, and red lips.

Home, later that afternoon, we heard the dumping of blocks coming from the playroom. I went to check on her and saw that she had gotten out the Lincoln Logs and set up her own pretend face painting station.

"What would you like your face painted as? Oh, that one's not on the board. You can pick one that's on the board. Okay, now sit down here. What colors would you like?"

She painted each of us, with a Lincoln Log 'brush' and 'paint pots'.

I have to admit, I've been trying to get The Dad to let me get rid of the Lincoln Logs because the kids don't build with them. But after today? Seeing how they do use them? I think they'll stick around for a while.

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