Those Transitions...

The dresses are starting to pile up. I have very ambitious production goals for this upcoming fair but some changes in circumstances may actually make them doable! I'm hoping for dresses, bibs, skirts, and some fun little family home decor additions.

Now for those changes in circumstances. And the huge transition I alluded to here:

This week, The Dad gave notice at his job. Two and a half weeks notice. To be followed by two weeks of vacation, which will double as totally rearranging the house so that he can work from home.

Ahhh, yes. I said work at home.

He's thinking "Hey! Nooners!" I'm thinking "Hooray! I can shower every day!" But really, we are both incredibly realistic in regards to imagining a life where he works upstairs in a house with 2 rambunctious pre-schoolers that always want to be thisclosetoyou.

So, before we begin the transition of actually working at home, we do the physical transition of moving the playroom downstairs (and no longer in spitting distance of the office) and the den upstairs. I see this as a great opportunity for some fun and new decorating!

Anyway, my hope is that while The Dad is 'on vacation', between arranging these new spaces and moving furniture, I will be able to get some solid, consecutive hours at the sewing machine. And have everything done when he heads (upstairs) to work on May 26th.

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