The Fire Truck Birthday Party

I am so impressed with the performance of our local fire department. They showed up with a water truck and not only let the kids explore inside, they also let them try turning the hose on and off!

They did a fabulous job of weaving in a little fire safety lesson with the 'entertainment', showing the kids what a firefighter looked like in full gear so that if they saw one in their room in the middle of the night they wouldn't be scared. They also told the kids a couple times that if there ever is a fire in their house and they can't get out that they should go to the closest window and make as much noise as possible, banging on the glass and yelling - NOT hide somewhere like under the bed or in a closet, even if they are scared.

While I am getting a little better at the frosting of cupcakes, mastering the swirl a little more with each one, the chocolate cupcake recipe I tried this weekend is not what I am looking for. This one from the Whimsical Bakehouse was light and a little dry. I am looking for dark and moist - any suggestions??

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